ABOUT THE BRAND – Auria Studio is a fine jewellery brand that creates unique pieces to complement their clients' frequency. They believe in building trust within client relationships through honesty, integrity, and transparency while providing value through the use of quality materials and exceptional design and craftsmanship. Auria also prioritizes educating their clients from diamond selection to product design, in order to drive confidence and sound decision-making. They strive to create a positive space for clients to self-express and ideate their dream designs.

CHALLENGE – Auria Jewellers, a small Toronto-based private jeweller, approached me to overhaul their brand and help them transition from a small Instagram brand to the next Canadian luxury jeweller. They needed a complete visual brand identity overhaul that included everything from logos to web design mockups.
SOLUTION– As the art director and graphic designer for the project, I worked closely with the client to understand their vision and values. Using that as a foundation, I created a unique and cohesive visual brand identity that included logos, moodboards, packaging design mockups, and a complete web design mockup. To make the brand stand out, I also designed unique brand icons and symbols that were incorporated into the brand's visual identity.
RESULTS– The project was well-received by the client and has a launch date set for later this year. The new visual identity reflects Auria Jewellers' transition to a luxury brand and has positioned them for success in the Canadian market.
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